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Explore Sharon Rene's Styling Wardrobe: A Fusion of Vintage Elegance and Custom Creations

Explore Sharon Rene's Styling Wardrobe: A Fusion of Vintage Elegance and Custom Creations

Welcome to the captivating realm of fashion and creativity

Welcome to my styling wardrobe, a treasure trove that echoes with the whispers of vintage elegance and the pulse of one-of-a-kind custom designs. This curated collection is a visual narrative of my passion for blending elements of style to create ensembles that tell stories, evoke emotions, and embody the essence of individuality.

As an artist, editorial photographer, and fashion designer, my styling wardrobe is a canvas where imagination knows no bounds. Among the treasures you'll discover are unique vintage pieces, each with its own history and character. These vintage gems have journeyed through time, carrying with them tales of bygone eras, fashion trends, and the nostalgia of a different age.

But that's not all

my styling wardrobe also houses a curated selection of one-of-a-kind custom pieces. Each creation is a manifestation of my artistic vision, painstakingly crafted to weave modern elements with timeless charm. From intricate embroidery to hand-painted details, these bespoke pieces are a celebration of the extraordinary and the unexpected.

What makes this styling wardrobe truly special is its ability to transcend fashion, becoming a medium through which stories are woven. It's a place where vintage silhouettes meet contemporary concepts, where custom designs carry a piece of my heart and the essence of artistic expression.

Stay tuned for an exclusive opportunity to own a part of this styling wardrobe. Soon, select pieces from this collection will be available for sale – a chance to embrace the spirit of creativity, celebrate individuality, and adorn yourself with pieces that resonate with both the past and the present.

As you embark on this journey through my styling wardrobe, may you find inspiration, connection, and a renewed appreciation for the artistry of fashion.

Sharon Rene




I'm Sharon Rene, an experienced editorial and travel photographer with 14+ years of capturing moments worldwide. From Ethiopia's vibrant landscapes to Bali's serene beauty, my lens tells stories. My mixed-media art weaves textures, colors, and quotes into inspiring messages. Let's ignite creativity together through collaborations or as your personal photographer for global adventures.

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