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Restoring Heritage: Assisting Higgy Velasquez in Preserving Emigdio Vasquez's Mural

In the heart of Orange, California, history and art converge on the south-facing wall of the Friendly Center. It was November 2013 when I had the privilege of stepping into a journey that blended my passion for art with the preservation of heritage. Join me as I recount the remarkable experience of assisting Higgy Velasquez in restoring his father, Emigdio Vasquez's, iconic mural.

The Legacy Unveiled

Higgy Velasquez, the son of the renowned Chicano artist Emigdio Vasquez, entrusted me with a task that was both an honor and a responsibility. We set out to breathe new life into a mural that had captured the essence of Orange's cultural history for decades.

Chicano Art

The Friendly Center mural was not just a work of art; it was a historical document that depicted the struggles and triumphs of the local community. With each stroke of the brush, Higgy and I delved into the layers of history that this mural represented.

A Labor of Love: Friendly Center

The restoration process was no small feat. It required meticulous attention to detail, a deep understanding of the original artist's vision, and a profound respect for the community's memories associated with the mural.

Preserving Legacy

As we worked tirelessly, the mural began to regain its former glory. Every brushstroke was a step towards preserving the legacy of Emigdio Vasquez and the cultural heritage of Orange.

A Work of Heart

Assisting Higgy Velasquez in restoring his father's mural was a journey of art, heritage, and community. It reminded me of the profound impact that art can have on preserving our history and connecting us to our roots.

Sharon Rene




I'm Sharon Rene, an experienced editorial and travel photographer with 14+ years of capturing moments worldwide. From Ethiopia's vibrant landscapes to Bali's serene beauty, my lens tells stories. My mixed-media art weaves textures, colors, and quotes into inspiring messages. Let's ignite creativity together through collaborations or as your personal photographer for global adventures.

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