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The Human Experience

Discover the world through a more accessible lens with our Tradebook edition of "The Human Experience: Ethiopia." Immerse yourself in Sharon Rene's breathtaking photography and the captivating stories that grace every page. This flexible, high-gloss laminated cover version is thoughtfully designed for those who appreciate art on a budget. It's a gateway to the remarkable landscapes and cultures of Ethiopia, allowing you to experience Sharon's world without breaking the bank. Explore, indulge, and embark on an adventure through the heart of Ethiopia's human experience, all within these 24 remarkable pages.


The HUMAN Experience

by photographer | Sharon Rene

Sharon Rene, a California-based photographer, artist, and entrepreneur whose deep connection to nature and a relentless thirst for the human experience have fueled an extraordinary creative journey. Sharon's wanderlust and passion for photography have taken her on adventures that traverse continents, capturing the profound essence of diverse cultures and the beauty in everyday life.

Sharon's voyages through lands both known and uncharted are the heart and soul of the captivating book series she has embarked upon. Her lens is her compass, and her images are windows into the world's remarkable stories. Dive into the awe-inspiring tales of humanity and the breathtaking scenery she's uncovered in her first installment, "The Human Experience: Ethiopia."

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