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Discover 'A Few of My Favorite Things': A Curated Collection of Treasures

Welcome to a world where artistry, passion, and cherished finds intertwine – welcome to 'A Few of My Favorite Things,' a carefully curated collection that mirrors the essence of my journey and the treasures I hold dear. As you step into this captivating realm, you'll find yourself immersed in a tapestry of items, each chosen to reflect the beauty, inspiration, and meaningful experiences that have shaped my path.

Journey Through Elegance and Meaning

At the heart of this collection lies a desire to share pieces that have touched my soul and might just find a place in yours. Every item is a testament to the connections we forge with the world around us, and the emotions that take root in the seemingly simplest of things.

Brass Bee: A Symbol of Unity

One of the highlights within this collection is the Brass Bee, a cherished emblem that holds immense significance in my life. As friends affectionately call me the "Queen Bee," this bee is more than just a symbol – it embodies unity, industriousness, and the hive-minded spirit that guides me. From its intricate details to the memories etched into its form, the Brass Bee is a tribute to the power of collective purpose.

Red Tulip Journal: A Canvas of Creativity

The Red Tulip Journal transports you to the world of Indonesian batik prints, inspired by my travels and a vibrant culture. With every page, you're invited to pen your thoughts, ideas, and dreams, transforming this journal into a canvas of creativity. It's not just a journal; it's an artistic journey, a reflection of my love for the intricate patterns that weave through our world.

Jade Mala Beads: A Path to Serenity

Infuse your meditation practice with the tranquil energies of the 88 mm Jade 108 Meditation Mala Beads. These beads have become my trusted companions, guiding me towards inner stillness and balance. Crafted from authentic jade, each bead resonates with a soothing touch that grounds me in the present moment, transforming meditation into a profound and serene experience.

Support the Bees T-shirt: A Cause Close to Heart

Wearing the 'Support the Bees' T-shirt isn't just about fashion; it's a statement of unity and a call to action. As a symbol of the hive-minded spirit, this shirt represents our shared commitment to safeguarding the delicate balance of our planet. With its bold design, it becomes a canvas for your voice, sparking conversations and inspiring change, one step – or in this case, one tee – at a time.

Shop 'A Few of My Favorite Things' Collection and embark on a journey of discovery. Each item carries a piece of my heart and the stories that have shaped me. Indulge, explore, and adorn your world with these cherished treasures that echo the artistry, elegance, and passions that make life truly remarkable.

Sharon Rene




I'm Sharon Rene, an experienced editorial and travel photographer with 14+ years of capturing moments worldwide. From Ethiopia's vibrant landscapes to Bali's serene beauty, my lens tells stories. My mixed-media art weaves textures, colors, and quotes into inspiring messages. Let's ignite creativity together through collaborations or as your personal photographer for global adventures.

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